Hide rests

I would like to hide both quarter note rests in this bar of piano music.
I haven’t been able to achieve this after a fail amount of trying so would be grateful for some help.

P.S. I know can separate the beams and dynamic overlap in engrave mode but would quite like that to be automatic!
Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 2.37.18 PM.png

I don’t think there is a “good” way to do this in the current version of Dorico but it has been discussed in some other threads about cross-staff notes.

As a work round, you can select the rests in write mode and edit the color in the Properties panel (Ctrl-8).

Switch on the “color” button and click on the black square (the current color). Set the color to white (R G and B values = 255) and the Alpha channel to 0, to make the rests transparent.

Did you write this in one bar and cross staves?

Thanks for your replies. That’s helpful Rob and I do recall reference to that elsewhere.
Tony I realise I could have written in one stave and crossed over but elsewhere in the piece, I am inputting to learn Dorico, I will have to follow Rob’s workaround.

Dorico is already very interesting and will be a brilliant composing environment with the forthcoming upgrades and further development. It is great to part of Dorico as it moves forward.

Thanks for all the hard work developers!

Hi Rob,
I’m not able to make the rest opaque (invisible). Presumably because I don’t know what the Alpha channel is!

Sorry to be dumb!

When you follow Rob’s procedure exactly, at least on Windows, we get a screen which allows us to set the RGB values as well as Hue, Saturation and at the bottom of the dialog (at least on my installation, Windows 10 home) there is a box labeled “Alpha Channel” which shows with a default value of 255 (fully opaque) - changing that to any lower value increases the transparency while still showing the object, until it gets down to 0 at which time the object is completely transparent and thus invisible since the background shows through entirely.

Actually, there is no need to change the colors as Rob suggests – simply setting the Alpha Channel to zero makes the rest invisible even if the color selection still says it’s black.

Thanks for your replies.

Setting opacity to 0% works for rests within bars so that is great. I am trying to hide a bar rest and haven’t figured out how to hide that yet.

That’s what I experimented with – click on the bar rest and follow the same procedure.

Default whole rests can’t be hidden, because making them white/opaque still leaves the ledger line – and they can’t be moved! So you need to put in real rests and “hide” those.

Here is a problem:

I am writing cross-staff piano music, moving some of the bottom staff to share with the top staff. Unable to hide the default rests, I inputted “real” rests in the top staff. I was able to hide them, making them white/0% opaque. They are gone in write and engrave mode, but they show up in print mode!!!

Any ideas?

David Froom

As I mentioned in another thread, if you hide a rest by making it transparent, you will then need to print with the ‘Color’ option chosen rather than ‘Mono’.

how do you get rid of the ledger line that remains as mentioned in a post above this?

I get it. put in qtr rests and change color. works, but a lot of labor. hope this is solved in the near future.

daniel- “As I mentioned in another thread, if you hide a rest by making it transparent, you will then need to print with the ‘Color’ option chosen rather than ‘Mono’.”

I do not see where this option is, in the print mode.

I chose color under the graphics choice. when printed to a pdf with the color choice it did not hide the rests in question.
I must be missing something.

changed color to white, also now changed alpha channel to 0 as suggested above and chose color over mono and still prints the rests on the printer and as a pdf. now I am really stuck. any other ideas? music is not useful as dorico prints it. not sure what I am doing wrong.

may be, if you save as graphic first (PDF with colour on), then open the PDF file in Preview or Acrobat Reader and print from there…

nope, that doesn’t do it. I am not sure how anyone is getting any useful final print product in dorico as it is unless I am missing something. might want to move this problem of rests up the update ladder with all of these default rests. like having a great looking car with no steering wheel.

If you move the rest via the property for its staff position such that it is positioned inside the staff rather than outside it, then when you hide it by making it white or transparent, its ledger line won’t be left behind, because it’s not on a ledger line to start with. When you print, make sure you print using the ‘Colour’ option rather than ‘Mono’, as white or transparent items will show up as black if you print in ‘Mono’.

The good news, however, is that you won’t need to employ these kinds of workarounds for hiding redundant bar rests in passage of cross-staff music, as we have now implemented an option to remove them automatically, so this will be taken care of in the next update.

looking forward to the update. the color option still shows the rest.