Hide selected element keyboard shortcut?

Is there an available key command for hiding any selected element, without having to manually refer to the bottom inspector pain and checking it with the mouse? Not a big deal to do so, just with small screen real estate and lots of things to hide, it would be nice to be able to do this with a keyboard shortcut, though I couldn’t find such a thing in the key command editor under preferences.

There are times when I have to place a ton of immediate dynamics which are only to cheat playback of certain VSTs to sound more natural, but I would never actually hand such a thing to a live player:

However in this example, the portato and the half notes were creating drastic volume differences for playback so I had to add all those dynamics and then hide them as I had done here.

Lastly on that note, is there a way to hide hairpins for this exact same reason (when needed to cheat a VST’s volume/dynamics but would be excessive for a real player to see)? Thanks!

In situations like this it’s probably quicker to hide all the dynamics in one operation. Just filter for immediate dynamics and hide intensity.

I don’t think there is a way to hide gradual dynamics (yet?)


In general we recommend adding dynamics that are only for playback purposes via the Dynamics editor in the Key Editor, rather than adding them in the score and then hiding them.

There’s no way to hide immediate dynamics with a built-in command, but as Janus says, you can filter them and then activate the Hide intensity marking property to hide them.

There is a Hide/Show Item command in the Key Commands page of Preferences to which you can assign a shortcut, but it only hides or shows items that have a “real” property for hiding, which neither immediate nor gradual dynamics do.

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Ah ok, sounds good and all makes sense. Next time I happen to do it within the score I agree with Janus’ idea that it would be easier to filter after I’m done and hide in one fell swoop. Thanks!