Hide Selected Notes

I have Dorico 5 Pro on Windows 10.

I’ve created an open-metre bar to enter a combination of spoken dialogue and sung lyrics.

I’ve used the lyrics tool and cross head note heads to present the spoken dialogue and now need to hide the cross-head notes and stems leaving just the dialogue. Although I found some older threads on this I wonder if Dorico 5 has an updated method for this.

I realise that I could just use text for the dialogue but would prefer the lyrics tool with hidden notes if possible.


Hide stem and hide notehead are in the Engrave Mode Properties panel.

You can also use the jump bar or assign key commands for Toggle Hide Notehead and Toggle Hide Stem.

Thanks Janus. Found it.

Thanks Daniel.

Opened the jump bar and ‘Toggle Hide Stem’ was listed and hid the stems but the ‘Toggle Hide Notehead’ wasn’t listed here. However it was showing in the ‘Properties’ panel and worked great.