Hide/Show all plug-ins

Please, please SB, add the key command for Hide/Show all plug-ins that are currently open within a project!! Its such a simple command i don’t understand why it hasn’t been implemented already.


'Appreciate the suggestion, but the key is “hide”, not close. I don’t want to “close” my plug-in windows, i want to move them out of the way temporarily, and then bring them back when needed. Doesn’t everyone wish they could temporarily “hide” all their open plug-in windows so they can cleanly see their mix console or project window and then “show” ALL the plug-in windows again??

+1. I suspect that I would end up using something like this almost every time I used Cubase. Marvelous idea!

I like this idea.

I do this now with a single button key command click. But it has to be assigned to a workspace first, and assigned to a KC: KC 1 to close them all, KC 2 to reopen them via the workspace.

So +1 to OP request of doing it without that workaround!