Hide/Show all VST plugin windows


Isn’t there a Key Command for toggling the visibility of all open VST plugin windows simultaneously? I’m mixing in front of the Mix Console with 7 different EQs, compressors etc, and I just need to get to a fader somewhere and I have to reshuffle the windows constantly.



You can use Workspaces.

It’s more of a workaround really, it should be as simple as show/hide the mixer or anything else, but thanks a lot for the tip.

To close all windows try…
Window (in the menu bar)–> Close All–> Cancel


But this will close all windows but the Project window, right?

I think it will.

There’s a much better solution, but you’ll need to use a key command. There’s a command named ‘close all Plugin editors’ or something similar - I don’t have access to Cubase at the moment, so I won’t tell you the exact name. It works perfectly.

If you want to toggle plugins visibility, you could switch ‘always on top’ off on plugins and use F3 to toggle mixer visibility.

Another idea is to use virtual desktops in Windows 10.

Windows: Close All Plug-Ins, in the Mixer folder.

Close All Plug-Ins is not a solution for toggling visibility. I have comp, eq, reverb etc on several channels and I’m tweaking them simultaneously, I just need them briefly out of the way. Should be easy to implement and quite helpful IMHO.

In that case workspaces do what you want. You’ll need to setup:
One editable workspace, where open and moved windows stay in place
One locked workspace with mixer only, which goes back to the default view state whenever you switch to a different workspace.
You can switch between these using numeric pad.

Thank you, Martin.Jinsak suggested that in a post above, I’ll give it a try.

OK, tried it, didn’t get very far because switching workspaces resets the MixConsole faders’ vertical height (which is ridiculous) and is accompanied by a window-resizing animation (on OSX) which is a big visual distraction and which takes too long. It’s faster to close or move a plugin, move a fader, and open the plugin back again. Another stroke of genius from the GUI gods.

Sorry. Looks like Steinberg changed the behaviour of workspaces with Cubase 8. They won’t update unless you make them by selecting ‘update workspace’ (alt+u) which is a bummer. I wish they brought the workspace locking/unlocking feature back…