Hide single Barline

Hi How can I hide the singe Barline


If that’s a local barline (only applies to that staff), you should be able to select it and delete it. This may have knock-on effects on rests etc in the previous bar so just check the staff afterwards.

You can of course delete any barline, local or global, I only really mentioned it because then it definitely won’t impact the other staves.

Hi Lillie

When I select the single barline, the repeat barline is selected automatic with
So I can not delete it

One more information

When I enter time signature the singe barline is created automaticly

I am 99% sure that at the same rhythmic position there’s a end repetition in any of the other instruments. Can you show, what the rest is playing at this point?

If I am right, there’s nothing you can do, to change the behaviour, except for moving the repetition in the bottom a 16th to the left or the right.
You could always get rid of it afterwards in Affinity or Illustrator.