Hide staff labels in parts

When viewing a part from an orchestral score, it’s possible to hide staff labels (which show instrument name) by using the Layout Options window (Cmd-Shift L on Mac), the thing is, this adjusts the part one is on only, and not all of the other parts, in one go. Despite searching, I can’t find this in the manual.

How does one remove superfluous staff labels from every stave of a part, when the instrument name already shows at the top of the part’s page, and can this be set as a default?

…Using Layout Type = Part, and ‘Set as Default’ then ‘Save’ in the Layout Options window does not affect the other parts in the Dorico project.

Thank you.

At the bottom of the Layouts list in Layout Options, there are selection options (number 7). You should also find a hint about these in every topic that involves doing something in Layout Options, e.g. this page for hiding/showing staff labels.

Once you’ve updated your defaults, resetting existing parts in the project should reset them to your new defaults.

Perfect! - Thank you Lillie. I see the Action bar now that shows Layouts list according to their type. Much obliged to you. :grinning: