Hide staff name in a single frame chain

I’m creating the performing notes of a piece, and for that it’s handy to include special flows of certain parts of the music (rather than making graphics exports of the music as I used to to in Sibelius). However, I don’t need to show the instrument names in the frame. Are there any “Engraving options” for frames or frame chains? Or any other way to hide the instrument names?
The only thing I can think about is to create a dummy player just for the examples, and maybe that’s what I’m going to do, but I wonder if there exist another way.
Captura de ecrã 2018-12-14, às 21.55.22.png

You can change the way the staff names are displayed from any break signpost (click on the signpost and check the properties panel). This and the global options found in Layout options > Staves and systems should let you achieve what you need quite easily.
Hope it helps…

This is documented here.

Thank you both! Exactly what I needed!