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Greetings to all. Is it possible to hide an empty staff in one flow and not in another?

Hello @pasquale.amico
you can manually hide / show any system. You will find it in the right click Menu under Staff>Manual Staff Visibility

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Or put a System Break on the first beat and press Enter to open the Manual Staff Visibility dialog.

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If someone does not play in one flow, and you don’t want the part to say TACET for that flow, you can remove that player from the flow entirely.


Thanks everyone for the replies, but if I wanted to hide only a portion of the staff, how should I proceed?

E.G. if there’s a 4-bar system and you want a stave hidden in bar 3?

For example, I want to hide the first staff of this flow but not the empty ones of the other flows.

You can use Manual Staff Visibility, as suggested by Daniel in this earlier reply.

Thanks Daniel, always very kind. But if I activate this function it hides the entire staff of the song and not just the empty bars.

You can either use the automatic feature to hide staves on systems where they’re empty:

which will cause them to show automatically when they have music in them, or you can use the Manual Staff Visibility method for total control, but if you do that, you’ll need to add another system break at the position where you want the staff or staves to reappear, and then explicitly show them again via the dialog.

Maybe because of the translator I don’t explain myself well. Can the function of hiding empty staves be different from flow to flow?

If you add another system break you can make the staff shown again for other systems.
There is no way to use automatic staff visibility for specific flows only, you have to go to the manual road one way or the other.

One cannot hide a staff for part of a system, but one can manually hide a staff for some systems and not others, using the manual option starting at any System Break or Frame Break as @klafkid said.


No. The settings for automatically hiding empty staves are per-layout. The only way to hide, for example, the Soprano staff in the first system of only some flows is Manual Staff Visibility, as Daniel and Daniel have been saying.

For reference, there was a long, somewhat painful thread about this a year & ½ ago (in which I learned the above detail).

I am very grateful to everyone who has given me support. Unfortunately the suggestion provided only works partially, as if you select the first glueing the whole line is hidden. While if you select the second adhe, the first addoin remains visible but all the others are hidden. Moving on, continue with exactly this method. I am sorry that dorico has all these small drawbacks, but I am sure that the very good and very efficient staff will be able to solve this lack in the future, as well as all the others I had, together with many users of this forum, already reported previously. I mention for example the lack of a serious ‘ambitus’ function. We are waiting with confidence.

Hi @pasquale.amico,

I’m sorry to say but I think there’s been some words muddled in the translation: glueing, adhe, addoin… I don’t understand the meaning of the sentences.

This function seems to work effectively for me but I’m worried that there has been some loss in communication.

Just to be clear:

  • You can set any Layout (or multiple Layouts) and automatically hide empty staves. This is project-wide and Layout-specific.
  • You can hide/show any staves in a system (regardless of if they contain music or not) by choosing this option at System or Frame Breaks. This setting will continue until you change or reset it again. This is Flow-specific and Layout-specific.

I think a video can be much more explanatory.


In your video, you are hiding the Soprano stave using the Manual Staff Visibility dialog. This will hide the staff even if there is music in it.

If you want to do it this way then you will need to press Enter on the second system break and Reset that staff it so that it is visible again. In Write mode, you can copy and paste Breaks if they have certain settings you use often (to save you having to do this each time).

In short: In that Layout, you can hide all empty staves, all empty staves after the first system, or never via Layout Options. Or, if you want empty staves in certain places then you should use the Manual Staff Visibility dialog to hide or show staves as you’ve been advised to do.

pasquale, in your first post you asked about hiding/showing empty staffs in a project.
Answer is, yes. And follow the procedure I gave you in direct answer:

On your Italian system it is called
Righi->Visibilità manuale dei righi…->

I suggest you work backwards: starting at the very end with the last place you want to hide a system and go backwards in your flow. That way you can’t miss music you’d like to keep visible.

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Got it, thanks so much everyone!!!