Hide Status Bar?


The 2.2 update is great so far, and I’m appreciating many of the new features.

There is one new feature, however, that I would like to turn off — the status bar at the bottom of the window, with its “suggestion” of the chord I’ve selected. As a composer, I absolutely do not want the software interpreting what I am “trying” to write and naming the chord — I find this very distracting as I compose, almost as if someone were standing over my shoulder while I write, whispering “E-flat major” every time I write a few notes.

Is there any way to turn this off, or is that planned for a future version?

Thank you,
Julian Bennett Holmes

No, there’s no way to turn this off, and at the moment no plans to provide an option to do so.

If you’re not wedded to full screen mode, you could drag the window down in such a way that the status bar is off the bottom of the screen :wink: