Hide staves not being worked on

Is it possible to hide staves that are not being worked on, for example in an orchestral score, could one see only bassoons, tuba and basses to concentrate on those lines with similar material?

I am wondering if tabs might be involved but could not figure them out

The update is a big help.


In Write mode, under the Window menu there are three options: No split, Vertical split, and Horizontal split. You should be able to adjust horizontal split to show at least bassoons and basses, and maybe tuba as well if you’re zoomed out a little - I just checked, and each window frame has its own independent zoom level. Pretty nice!

Thanks Stephen.
I was thinking of something along the lines of 'Focus on staves"?

Something similar to Staff Lists in Finale I assume.

In Dorico you can just add a new layout in Setup and name it something meaningful. Make sure it remains highlighted (bright blue) then use the checkboxes on the Players on the left side to select which players should appear in your new layout. Then add the tab using the + button at top right of score area.

I am trying to hide the left hand stave completely in a piano part (Concerto for Index Finger).
Is it possible to only assign one line to a piano (or harp) part?

I’m afraid not yet, Ella, but we are thinking about how best to allow this.

Couldn’t you create a custom part that only includes the staffs you want to work on?

Not convienent or dynamic obviously, but it should work.