hide staves not working on one page

I imported a musicxml orchestral score from Sibelius. Mostly it is OK, but I have hide empty staves turned on for all pages, but there is one single page in the middle of the piece where it will not hide them, no idea why.


There’s probably some hidden objects in the staff that prevents Dorico from hiding it. My initial guess would be a clef. See if you can select any of them, and if you can - hit delete.
If not, go to View -> Signposts, and enable all of them. If any red flags turns up, delete them.

If neither of these options helps you, upload a screenshot or the project itself to the forum.

It is not one staff which is showing up but ALL the empty staves, just on that page. See the attached screenshot.

Check if any of the time signatures can be selected individually (in a single staff only). Also check if the clefs can be selected if you haven’t tried already. What happens if you delete the ‘Atonal’ signpost?

It looks like the beginning of the flow. Do you definitely have staves set to hide on every system, INCLUDING the first one?

Make sure you select and delete the clefs at the start of each staff.

YES, I checked that, and it was correctly set.

You have to delete the clefs at the start of the flow because importing a MusicXML file often results in additional clefs being created at the start of the flow that don’t really need to be there: ideally Dorico would not produce additional clefs in this situation, but at the point at which it imports the clefs from the MusicXML file it doesn’t know whether or not the clefs it has imported will end up being the same as the default ones belonging to the instruments it creates. Delete the extraneous clefs at the start of the first bar and you’ll be all set.

Thank you Daniel! :slight_smile: