hide staves

Hi !

I’ve problems with ‘Hide empty staves’… If I select ‘Allow individual staves… to be hidden’, the option ‘Players excluded from empty staves’ doesn’t work : I selected my piano parts to avoid hiding left or right hands, but still it hide it (I would really like to avoid this…)
If I don’t select ‘Allow individual staves… to be hidden’ and just select ‘Hide empty staves > all systems’, for the piano part it’s ok, but then some empty system appear without possibility of hiding them (I tried also 'remove rests)… As in the following pict the El (electronics) part :

Doesn’t exist a simply manual way to hide systems, instead of trying to make the software understand wich systems staves to hide or not? Also because of we need sometimes to decide in a particular way if to hide or not some system, whitout following layout general rules…

Thanks for your precious help !!

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you, Daniele. I’m afraid at the moment there is no way to control how staves get hidden from system to system, though I can certainly imagine that we will introduce such a thing one day.

What are you actually trying to achieve here? You want both staves of the piano always to appear, but you’re OK with one of the staves of your “electronics” instrument being hidden?