Hide stems locally / Multibar repeats

Hi Dorico team!

I am wondering about hiding stems in score vs. parts in situations like bar repeats:

I want the music to appear fully notated with repeats in the full score, however in the part I would like to use a multibar repeat and hide the written music. Everything works fine locally including hide the ledger lines except for the stems – I hide them only through reducing the scale to 1. Is that an intended behaviour?

Would it be confusing to add a possibility to have a custom multibar repeat (e.g. 3 bars)?



Hi Matouš, there is a dedicated option to hide stems. However, I think this would also affect the score (as if my memory serves this is a global property).

Indeed, Hide stem is a global property and will affect that note in all layouts in which it appears.

Thanks Lillie and Daniel! Okay, indeed that is what it seemed like, the Hide stem being a global property. So to have the same part fully notated in one layout and with bar repeats in another (0 opacity noteheads + hide ledger lines + hide stems), I would have to either be fine with the thin stem lines scaled to 1 or make another player, do I understand the architecture right?

Basically, I was just wondering since hide ledger lines is a local property, why hide stems is not local as well.