Hide text in score while keeping it in parts

I’m sure this has been asked before but I’m probably using the wrong search terms: is it possible to hide text items in the score? I’ve added some explanatory text to parts that doesn’t need to be seen in the score. There doesn’t seem to be any specific option for this. I know, I can move it out of the page boundaries or make the color white but that doesn’t feel right.

It may not feel quite right, but unless I’m missing something, these (and the custom scale property) are indeed your only options for now.

I’d say that the best practice is really to set the opacity to 0 on the FS layout, yes.

I don’t see any opacity setting. Where do I find that?

Under Common > Color.

Oh right, haha, that didn’t even occur to me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Setting opacity to 0 to hide text is usually sufficient but not always, since it takes up the same space on the full score even when hidden. This can lead to some confusion when there is extra space in your full score.

To avoid this - when you change the opacity you can also reduce the font size to a very low amount.

Switching off the Avoid collisions property for that text object may be easier and quicker.

Exactly. And I discovered that setting just recently and have been so happy about its existence, you can’t even imagine. :smiley: