Hide Time / Remove Time Between Events (Global Momentary or Permanent Shuffle on all or selected Tracks)

I had this random late night session idea editing lots of little bits of events over the length of a song (and sometimes over the length of a film)

At certain points, it would be so awesome to just see all the event bits right next to each other instead of having to scroll and zoom them over the length of the project.

Yes, this would take them out of sync and there dangers could lay, so I think it would be better if this was not a destructive function, rather more of a non-destructive on/off switch.

I think this exists in some form or another already as an editing process, but as a momentary non-destructive function to see all events next to each other to do editing, tweaking, listening, visually analyzing waveforms, applying DOP, colouring, renaming, etc, etc could be very handy.