Hide Time Signature on selected line?

Is there a way to hide a time signature on only selected lines? I have a situation where there is a 3/4 bar followed by a 3/8 bar. However, the composer notated the percussion parts as 3, 3/8 bars. Dorico handles the first 3/8 beautifully, but it insists on inserting a redundant 3/8 in the percussion part when the rest of the orchestra changes.

Thank you!

Have you tried inputting local time signatures ? The local “property” is enabled using alt/opt-enter to complete the popover command, instead of simply enter. Note that you’ll need to input that local property to all the players that will need to see it.
I’m afraid there’s no solution the other way round (hiding time sigs on a local basis).

Thanks Marc. That’s what I was doing, but I was hoping for a way that didn’t involve changing all 40 staves on my score!

edit: Of course, just realized I only need to change the affected staffs to some meter and then delete that. lol. Not enough coffee. Thanks again!

Appreciate the help!

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