Hide time signatures and barlines in individual staves?

See attached. For some reason I cannot get the time signatures exactly as I would like to, to I thought of hiding thr unwanted time signatures an barlines in the bottom three staves. Is it thinkable?


What do you actually want?

Rune, there’s no equivalents to staff styles and staff attributes in Dorico … :frowning:

I didn’t see any mention of “staff styles” or “staff attributes” in the OP.
I think what Rune actually wants is independent time signatures with the right number of beats in each bar. This is absolutely possible, but requires adding the time signatures in quite a specific order that’s not necessarily immediately clear.
Rune, have you noticed that the last 4/4 on the previous page only has three beats?

Indeed not, but if memory serves me Rune has worked a lot in Finale, where many operations of this nature are very easy to accomplish…

Sorry about me forgetting to persue this post. You were all right, also about my Finale background. I learned a lot about which order to do things in polymetric music with Dorico.

Thank you!