Hide Tracks in Mix Console when Group Track is closed?


I use Cubase 9.0 (Windows 10)

I currently have many tracks (21 music, 3 groups, 5 in+outs, 5 folders)
I can open and close (expand/collapse) the folders, so I can reduce to what I am working on.
I like to keep the Inspector on the left side visible all the time.
The Mix Console shows all faders and I need to scroll, because I do not want to reduce the width of the faders anymore.

Q: Is there a way to sync the visibility of faders inside the Mix Console with the visibility of the tracks in the upper area (tracks window) ??

(Alternatively I can go to the Visibility tab on the left side and hide a folder from there and go back to the Inspector. For me not good as this also hides the folder from the tracks view, which works as defined.)


Do you mean MixConsole 1 as a dedicated window? Click to the = button next to the Visibility tab and enable Sync Project and MixConsole.