Hiding a lower voice in one layout

Hello Dorico users
I often need a lead sheet and an SATB arr. of the same song.
So as not to duplicate my work, it would be best if the lead sheet treble line could be part of the SATB arr/layout.
That is easy with SATB open score. But I want to do it with reduced score, so that there are less lyrics to write.
So I add an alto line to my lead sheet, and that is fine in the SATB score. But now I need to hide the alto notes so they don’t appear in my lead sheet.
Is there any way I can do this?
I know I can select the lower voice and white it out. But that leaves gaps in the stave where the stems are.
Any other suggestions to hide a whole lower voice in one layout and display it in another?

Make the Alto line separate and condense with the lead for the top staff of your chorus layout.

Only drawback would be forcing the lyrics of the condensed version below the top chorus line.

leadCharus.dorico (556.0 KB)

Many thanks @Derrek
Yes, it forces all the lyrics into the wrong place. And it’s not a particularly simple solution.

Then your best bet is not to put lyrics on the TB line but just to select the lead in the full score and ALT/OPT + Click the lead part onto the Alto line once you know the lead is as you wish it.

leadChorus2.dorico (985.3 KB)

Thanks @Derrek I found the best solution (as elsewhere) is to make another player with that part and then just include the players I want in each part.
It’s a big pity that Dorico doesn’t have a way simply to select and hide a lower voice. It was dead easy in Sibelius. The lyrics even moved into place, as I remember.