Hiding accidental in condensed score

Schermafbeelding 2023-05-28 om 19.25.42

There is a kind of bug in my condensed flute score. There are two consecutive B flats, first in flute 1 and then in flute 2. In each part, of course both B flats are expressly altered because there is no B flat in the key signature. However, in the condensed score it just clutters the page. Is there a way to hide or delete this second B flat? Thanks in advance!

Yes, in Engrave mode you can select noteheads and use the Accidental property if need be.

Yes, of course you can arbitrarily hide accidentals, as described above. However, that Bb is there for a reason: to make it explicit that the second part also has the alteration, which would otherwise be ambiguous. Dorico is following the commonly accepted convention to show this second accidental, this is definitely not a bug.
In order to know why there’s a collision here, we’d need to see the rest of the page—I’m suspecting it’s too full horizontally.

Thanks a lot both! I’ve also been able to solve the collision.