Hiding and Showing Bar Numbers

The Dorico manual discusses how to hide a bar number in a desired measure but I couldn’'t find a discussion of how to show one. (To handle cases where a partial measure appears at the beginning of a system and one prefers to show a bar number on the first full measure rather than a bracketed bar number at the beginning of the system.)

According to a Dorico forum thread, one selects a note in the desired measure and goes to Edit>Notations>Bar Numbers >Add Bar Number Change and makes a bar number “change”. Being very literal-minded, I couldn’t see how to change a bar number that would remain the same. But I clicked OK anyway, and the bar number appeared like magic in the measure. Thank you Dorico!

Is there another way to accomplish this? A Show bar number option in the Time Signatures Properties panel that I am missing?

Nope, that’s the way, despite that a “bar number change” being no change doesn’t make sense. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mark_Johnson. In that case, one would think that it would be good to add this to the Dorico Manual. And even better would be an option to do this in the Properties panel.