Hiding articulations and dynamics in a condensed score

I have a large orchestra score. 4 Flutes, 4 Clarinets, etc.

I have condensed the score. I would like to hide some dynamics and articulations in the score but show in the parts. They overlapping each other in the score.

How can I do this in with Dorico?

Welcome to the forum @lkursar !

If the dynamics and articulations are different, and the parts are condensed into separate voices, then Dorico will indeed show both.

You could try first making sure that you’re happy with the condensing result.

You can hide individual immediate dynamics on condensed staves in Engrave mode.

Condensing is a very useful proofreading feature. If they occupy the same space but are shown twice, you want them to be identical in the parts, but they are apparently not identical.
So besides manually hiding them, maybe you could give us an example (picture, or even better, a small snippet dorico file) and we can tell you a sustainable way to go about it.

Overlapping sample

In Sibleius there was a hide in score and show in part selection.
How to do this in Dorico?

Hi @lkursar I don’t see any duplicates in your dynamics: every staff has his own dynamics, and it seems that the condensing is working ok (only in the 5th system there is no FF marc., and in second system no hairpins).
I suspect that the problem here is the spacing setting in your project, that causes the overlapping.

Can you share a cut-down snippet of your Project that shows this passage?
(Look at point 4. of this thread):

I agree. It seems to me your staff size is to big and that would be the first thing I would change in your score. You can change the staff size in layout options.