Hiding Automation on Group Buses

Hiding Automation on Group Buses, How? And, why is this different from other tracks in Cubase.

This is driving me nuts. I’ve got these automation tracks in my project that I am forever accidentally clicking on and adding automation. :cry:

Thanks for any help.


You can hide the whole Group Channel in the Visibility. It’s different from other track types, because the Group (and FX, same as VCA) is about the automation only. There is o other data to show.

As a workaround, you can choose some “nonsense” parameter to show at the 1st line.

Thanks for the reply. I had a search around for an answer and got the vague idea that this was how it was. Unless there’s a good reason for this, and for the life of me I can’t see what it is, this is super stupid with a capital stu. You can hide the automation on other tracks so why not these. Gives me a headache in my arse just thinking about it.

I suppose it’s a workaround then.

What would you show in the Group track then? Would it be empty?

Your best bet is probably to lock the tracks. If you don’t have any automation written on them, you could also lock automation on the track.

Doesn’t have to be empty I just want the ability to hide the automation like other tracks.


Can’t lock Group tracks but the locking Automation works. I had the lock icon hidden on group tracks, Silly me.

Another option I went for was to just put the Group tracks in a folder and that gets them out of the way. Not the best solution for me but pretty much the only one if I want to add automation to the Group tracks and not be clicking erroneous automation points into the track.

The behaviour on group tracks should be the same as other tracks. Why is it different. Beyond me it is.

Anyway thanks for the help.

I guess it’s to not waste real estate on the screen since group tracks without an automation lane is pretty much just dead space. But as with so many other things in Cubase that some people want and other don’t, I think it could be an option in preferences.