Hiding bar numbers

Is there a global way to hide bar numbers that are positioned at the start of each system when there is a rehearsal mark also on the start of the same system?

I have unchecked “Show bar numbers at rehearsal marks” in the Bar Numbers/Layout Options dialog box, clicked apply, nothing changed. Here is how it looks currently:
Hiding bar numbers.png
I was assuming that by unchecking “Show bar numbers at rehearsal marks” the bar number would be hidden. It is not. Is this the correct behavior?

I’m aware I can select the bar number and in the “Time Signatures” panel select “Hide Bar Number” - and the number will hide. I really don’t want to do that manually in every staff of every part as it is not a global adjustment.

Does the “Show bar numbers at rehearsal marks” option refer to a different situation, or is this maybe not implemented yet?

The “Show bar numbers at rehearsal” marks Option only affects bar numbers that would otherwise clash with a rehearsal mark. Bar numbers under the staff do not fall into this category.

pianoleo - thanks for the reply… so… it’s only purpose is to avoid a visual collision?

If that is the desired behavior of that option - I would then request that the “Show bar numbers at rehearsal marks” option be upgraded to function in the same way for bar numbers under a staff to avoid the redundancy of two bar numbers in any measure (if bar number is selected for the rehearsal mark) - and in my case, in the first measure of a staff line. It’s no fun manually selecting every instance of that in every part… and hiding the bar number.

I think its only purpose is to avoid a collision, but I’m a merely a user so all I can do is quote the developers: