Hiding bar rests in print mode

I am trying to hide bar rests so I can print out my half-completed score and write notes in by hand at the keyboard.

In Write mode I have managed to hide the bar rests, but when I switch to Print mode they are back again…

Any ideas?

You can switch bar rests on and off (per layout) in Layout Options/Players. If you have other rests hidden with the colour trick, you may try to click on Annotations and select View Options in print mode.

Thanks Fratveno. My point is that when I turn off bar rests in Layout Options, they disappear in Write Mode and Engrave Mode, but show up in Print Mode, and print out. I don’t know how to have them not showing in Print Mode. I have done no funny business with voices or colours - its simple bar rests.

Just tried it, and they don’t print for me… are you sure you hide them in the layout you’re trying to print…?

Ah, working now, thanks. I was in the wrong layout. Thanks for your help