Hiding barlines at time signature changes

hi all! I’m engraving a contemporary piece of music, which has passages of free meter mixed with measured sections. In the manuscript this is notated by occasional time signatures without bar lines. Is there a way to hide the bar line associated with a time signature? With any other bar line I would just select it and delete it, but it doesn’t seem possible here. I tried changing the colour to be transparent but this changes the colour of the time signature. Any help would be appreciated!

In Engraving Options–Barlines, you can set the dash length to 0, then use dashed barlines for these. Assuming you don’t need dashed barlines, this is the best way.


Unfortunately I need dashed barlines elsewhere, otherwise this would’ve worked! I guess I’ll just have to run the score through a vector editor once I’m done

You can use a Tick barline and adjust as below in Engraving mode.



Without the Hide time signature ticked in your case obviously .


This works perfectly, thank you so much :3

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