Hiding beams


I would like to write a group of notes joined by a single beam, like this:


This is a group of notes with irregular length, fitting a 4/4 measure. Entering it, for precise positioning, would be easy if the note value was in semiquavers or bisquavers. Playback could be adjusted in the pianoroll.

Is there a way to hide all the beam lines, apart for one? This would be great for proportional notation.


Sorry, I don’t quite understand which end result are you looking for…

I think what @Paolo_T is asking about is the stems?

Like one of these (pardoning the dots)?

(And by the way, why do my PNG Slices never show color when that is selected in the Slice export?)

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I see I was not clear, sorry.

Proportional notation is used for music that is not matching the meter exactly. It is, so to say, jagged in the position the notes enter.

So, after having chosen a 1:2 note spacing to make the grid as even as possible, I may want to use a low-resolution grid, like 1/32, as a reference for note entrance. Like this:


Playback duration would be adjusted in the pianoroll.

I would then beam them together, and hide rests:


Noteheads will be made white with a custom notehead set, like this:


What I would miss, now, is a way to only make a single beam appear, instead of three.


If there was a way to enter the notes as a quaver tuplet then that would solve the problem, I think.


Engrave mode, graphic editing, drag-select all the notes in the group, and then in the Properties choose Beaming > Separation, and enter a value of -1/2 spaces.


Tried, but it is still too regular, and incredibly complicate to make the music fit exactly in the bar.

Thank you to all that tried to help solving this issue.

Note: But how powerful is it, our Dorico?



In the end, it may work as I expected it to work. I would love the vertical lines could be moved behind the other elements in the score, and be partially hidden by them (for example, being broken by a staff).

Another request following to this test:

  • I would like to be able to extend the beams on both sides of a group. As of now, I have to use a horizontal line, but this can be moved out of place by some other operation (as it happened in the last note of the last staff).