Hiding (blanking out) isolated bars in staves

There’s a video by Anthony Hughes – “Smart Staff Management in Dorico Pro”, in which he demonstrates hiding individual bars on a staff “at any point” for any length. His most striking example shows at 1’06”.

Trouble is he doesn’t explain how to do it in any way that I can follow. I see that he chooses Edit/Staff/ and seems to go down to Manual staff visibility, but this can blank out an entire staff, not bars within it. He doesn’t mention whether it’s in write or engrave modes although the latter seems unlikely.

Please can you give more detail – The path to get to the option and how to select a bar to blank out, then do it?
It’s a scoring technique in some modern compositions.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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This is a bit roundabout, but it should work.

  1. On the staff you wish to blank out, temporarily Add Staff Below.
  2. On the same staff, Remove Staff.
  3. On the newly-added staff, Add Staff Above.
  4. Delete the signpost created in step 1.

You can then copy and paste the “-1 staff” and “+1 staff” signposts together as needed to blank out a staff.

Do you have a url for this video, please?

david-p, sure

Many thanks for so quick a response. I’ll give this a try during the day.
Much appreciated.

You don’t need to add a staff at the beginning, I don’t think - you can just remove the top staff, then add back in a staff above from the bottom staff.

It almost works. If I follow your example with 2 bracketed staves it does.

With a string trio (for example) I get as far as stage 3 (and can at this stage copy and paste the flags with the effect shown in your demo). But if I delete the stage 1 flag (either before or after the copy/paste) it deletes the relevant staff but just drops the flags to the one below without the gaps - moving the flags has no effect.
I also tried Edit/Staff/Remove staff instead of delete but the effect is the same. It’s as if I’ve locked the staff somehow so they end up being un-editable.
Never mind. I’ll work on it.
Thank you again for setting me off in the right direction.