Hiding cautionary accidental after auxiliary pitch for tied trill

Is there a global setting for hiding the cautionary accidentals on tied trill notes after an auxiliary pitch? In the attached screenshot, I want to hide the E-flat cautionary accidentals on the tied notes after the E-quarter-flat auxiliary pitch.

In Engrave mode, select the accidental(s) which you want to hide, then open the Properties panel and have a look at Notes and Rests > Accidental. The options there are Hide, Show, Round brackets and Square brackets.

Thank you, Steven. Is there a global setting for this case, instead of changing the individual setting for each accidental?

Hi Charles.
I don’t know, as I have not yet had to use this feature.
You might find that, once you have set up one such trill the way you want it, you can copy and paste it and the associated settings will (should) transfer across.
What I do, when I have the time, is to have a slow and careful look through any relevant settings in Engraving Options, Notation Options and even Layout Options until I get an answer. The manual is a really good reference but, because there is so much information there, it can sometimes take a while to find what you want.