Hiding clef signs

I have a work that requires instruments to play notes on a staff assuming their native clef. I.e. no instrument specified. Is there a way to add a player with no instrument or hide the clef sign?

Yes, there’s an invisible clef: type ‘invisible’ in the popover.

Hiding the staff label can be done in a number of ways:

  1. By editing the instrument name
  2. By setting Layout Options so that the staff labels don’t show
  3. By setting a local override in the properties panel from any System/Frame break (including one inserted at bar 1, beat 1) to hide staff labels at that system.

You can set an invisible clef on any stave by invoking the caret or selecting something on the stave, and typing Shift-C invisible Enter. No clef will show but the stave will behave as though it’s in treble clef.

Thanks for the help