Hiding clefs after first staff, yes, but it went wrong…

Not happening! My piano part also has no clefs appearing after first staves, which is of course very confusing for the player.
Have I messed up another setting somewhere? Or is this a bug?

Can you attach your project?

Oops, that would not be so smart I’m afraid. Big deal arrangement, don’t want it to be exposed for free to any one on the entire web. Can I send it to you in private?

I can confirm. I’m not sure if it’s a bug in implementation or documentation. It certainly hides them at the start for a single instrument containing “more than one staff,” so there’s clearly an issue here:

If I have more than one instrument though, it will show them:

I’m curious as to what the intended implementation is. Perhaps it’s just a typo in the manual and it’s supposed to state “more than one instrument” instead of “more than one staff.”

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Is this important in the score? Can you leave the clefs in for the score and just change the defaults in the part layouts except for the piano?

It’s intended that Dorico should show clefs on subsequent systems if there’s more than one instrument, but also if there’s more than one staff in the single instrument that appears. I’ve made a note of this and we’ll make sure it gets taken care of.

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Thank you D