Hiding Empty Bars ~ Ossia Bars Solution

Is there a way to hide empty bars either side of one bar of music in an instrument/player staff?

My reason for wanting the above:

I need to add a few ossia bars to my present score and I do realise that Dorico doesn’t support ossia bars yet. As a solution, for now, I’ve added another stave above the existing staff, reduced the size of this to 75% and lowered the staff nearer to the existing staff. I’ve entered an ossia part in this new staff directly above the relevant bar in the original staff and, so far, this looks great.

All I need to do now for a perfect ossia is to, somehow, hide the empty bars either side of the ossia bar if this is possible. Second best would be to hide complete empty staves in the score. I did try “Hide empty staves” in the vertical spacing options but this doesn’t work in my score. I’m aware that deleting the initial clef works but my clef is the first clef in my flow which, I understand, cannot be deleted.

I should emphasise that this is not an xml import, it is a new score directly in Dorico.

If anyone is able to help with this or has a different method of adding ossia bars I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

Many thanks.


If there is a good way to fake ossia staves in Dorico at the moment, I’d love to hear it…

You can’t do cutaway staves, but you should be able to hide empty ones. Layout Options are layout-specific and there’s a chance that you are, by lapse, in fact editing another layout — at least this happens to me more regularly than I’d like to admit. Make sure you have the correct layout engaged on the layout list to the left.

In theory you could input the ossia notes into another flow and show them in another music frame on top of your main frame. I’ve done this once and the result was good, but it requires a lot of fiddling with the note spacing tool to align everything properly. Not something I’d want to do for several instances of ossia staves…

What about using the additional-staff-approach, hiding empty staves and hiding the empty bars with white boxes in a vector program?

You can hide using a plain graphic in a graphic frame within Dorico, if need be…

LSalgueiro Thanks for replying.

I tried to hide those complete staves again following your suggestion and it worked this time. I must have had the layout list mixed up. :blush:

Florian, thanks for your music frame suggestion.

I do have a few to do so, as you say, not something to relish with several instances …

I’ll experiment with your “white boxes” suggestion … sounds like that might work for now. I have no idea how to do this but I’m sure I’ll work it out or find a tutorial somewhere.

Thanks pianoleo.

I’ll take a look into this … this graphics trick could be the last link in the chain for an effective ossia … :slight_smile:

As I said, that has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit, so you’re very much not alone!