Hiding empty staves in playback


Is it possible to hide empty staves in write mode during playback?

Specifically during playback but not during note entry? Is that what you meant? The answer is no.

You can manually hide empty staves but in my opinion it is a little too involved to be doing it before you want to press play each time.

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It sounds like you would benefit from doing entry in galley view and playing back in page view. If your score is not too huge you could keep each view in a separate tab, to avoid the delay of switching views.

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If these are empty staves, why not create two score layouts, one with staff visibility set to hide empty staves and one not. Switching between the two score layouts for playback or note entry should not take long.

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I was able to hide the empty staves in page view, but in galley view it does not hide them.

Yes, that is correct (and intended). You can filter out instruments in Galley View and there is a key command to turn the instrument filter on/off, which would take a load off!

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Interesting thanks. The 2 staves are for 1 instrument- 5 octave marimba. Mostly in the bass clef, but uses treble when some notes are up there. I am screen recording in galley view, the empty staves kind of give the video a raw/authentic look, so I think it’s not a bad thing really, so no worries if I can’t hide them in galley view.