Hiding flows used in performance instructions

Excuse me if this has been discussed elsewhere (if it is, I couldn’t find it).

I have made a piece with 6 movements, one flow for each movement.

To make the performance notes for the piece I have made three additional flows at the end (flows 7, 8 and 9) with the scored examples I need (for example, flow 7 is 2 bars which show the ranges of the 2 timpani I use).

I have then inserted the examples into performance notes as music frames.

My question is: how do I hide these three additional flows at the end so that they do not appear when I export the score and parts?

Thanks, Matthew

Or you can deseelct the additional flows from the layouts in setup mode?

Thanks Nukkil. I tried deselecting the additional flows in setup mode but the problem is then they also disappear from the performance instructions.

Ah ok i see. But with the frames it should work no?

sorry, i am not sure what this means – “But with the frames it should work no?”

If you deleted the flows, the material they contained is gone. I always keep a working layout to which all flows remain connected, even though I never print it.

The key to not losing material is to deal with what shows and what doesn’t using layouts and Page Templates.
Normally one would select the flows to be shown in the MA frame chain. You would add your additional material in Layout Frames.


Many thanks. I changed the MA frame chain as you suggested and that did the trick. Many cheers.

Oh dear, while that fixed the score (flows 7, 8 and 9 no longer appear), it has made the parts go crazy.

I changed the MA frame chain to only tick flows 1 through 6 and that fixed the score.
But when I went to any of the parts they are now completely empty.

Any help very much appreciated.

I should add, the parts have the name of instrument, piece title, flowtitles, but just large blank spaces where the music should be

Parts by default use a different page template set to scores. You’ll need to make sure the MA frame chain in the Default Parts page template set has the correct flows ticked.

The MA frame chain should contain “real music” flows. Your notation flows should be unticked in the MA frame chain, because you’re going to draw them in elsewhere.

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Thanks Little.

I am not sure what you mean by “real music” flows, or what you mean by ‘notation flows’ – I do not see a place to tick or untick items the MA frame chain.

This is what I can say:

The FRAME CHAIN only lists MA which is highlighted.
I have the first 6 flows ticked under the FILTER BY FLOW drop down.
But still, just empty spaces where there should be music on each part.

Thanks, Matthew

@ms3a11 ,
Perhaps you should post the project here then, or a cut down version that shows enough for us to examine the way you have it set up.

Simply the intent behind the flows you’ve added to your project: some flows (the first 6) are the movements of music you want to notate. Some (7-9) are to produce performance notes at the front of the score/parts, but aren’t music to be played from start to finish.

If music isn’t appearing in your parts, make sure that those flows are assigned to the layout in Setup mode.

Or, just share the project here as Derrek suggests.

Thanks both. My file is 7.6 MB, which is too heavy for this window. Any way around this? If not, I make a lighter version. Thanks, Matthew

Setting the Playback Template (on a copy of your file) will make it slightly smaller. Beyond that, you might try either sending the “main” movement or just a couple of movements that best shows the inserts you want to place, or perhaps reducing each flow to just a couple of pages would suffice.

Again, try these changes out on a copy of your file to see what best demonstrates the challenges you are facing.

Oh dear, sorry to be so hopeless. I am trying to make a version to share that is no more than 4 MB so I can upload it. I removed 4 of the 6 movements, but it is still 5.5 MB. Derrek, can you explain what you mean by setting the Playback Template?

Use the silence playback template.


Scenes 31.05.23 FOR FORUM.dorico (1.9 MB)
Many thanks Jesele, that worked.
The attached score has just the first 2 movements.
Flows 1 and 2 are these movements, flows 3-5 are the examples I place in the performance instructions. This has fixed the score problem (flows 3-5 are no longer visible) but has created a new problem I can’t work out how to fix: it has made all the music in the parts disappear.
This forum is quite something. Thanks to all for help, Matthew

None of your part layouts have Flows 1-2 assigned to them in Setup mode.

I can’t help but notice you have local page overrides on every single page. I understand that this is the most immediate way of working on pages in Dorico, but this really isn’t going to be fun as a long-term workflow! Please take some time to familiarize yourself with how page templates work, e.g.

Thanks so much Lillie. I don’t know what I was doing wrong before, but that problem is now resolved. And thanks for the templates link. I think I just switched on the override in the last few hours as I desperately - and not with much understand of what I was doing - tried to resolve the issues. Thanks again.