Hiding "holds and pauses" in cues?

Is there a way to hide a hold or pause within a cue while still displaying the hold in the source staff?

I’m getting two holds stacked and not finding any way to hide the hold in the cue. Check out the image:

Any ideas?


Welcome to the forum, BakkumD. No, I’m afraid at the moment there is no way to prevent a hold/pause from the source instrument from appearing in the cue, but perhaps you could select the non-cue pause on that staff in Engrave mode and hide it, either by scaling it to 1% in size or even simply dragging it out of the frame (though I am loathe to recommend such a crass solution, it does at least work).

Thanks for the idea - tried it already - If I select the non-cue hold, all other holds turn blue - including the cue hold… so, if I use the custom scale option in the common properties panel to reduce it - all of the holds in the score on that beat are reduced by the same amount - not just the hold on the flute staff (referring to the original image example).

My current work around is to create a text entry (shift-x) and set the background color to white, then the text color to white. This text entry then hides the cue hold when positioned directly over it.

If I may offer a suggestion for an additional option (feature) in the CUES properties panel: The ability to show/hide “holds and pauses” in cues. (similar to show articulations, slurs, ornaments, playing techniques, etc… already included in the Cues properties panel)

Thanks again!

You can select a single hold (or tie, or…) in Engrave mode.

MarcLarcher -

Thanks for the reply - yes, a single main hold can be selected (it turns orange - all of the other holds turn blue - including the cue holds). The custom scale option in the common properties panel reduce all instances of that hold (including cue holds) - not just the selected (orange) hold.

Interestingly - If I select a cue hold in any staff, all instances of that cue hold also turn orange (not blue) in all staves containing that cue. Scaling the cue hold also scales the main holds.

Is there another place/command that can scale a single object in a cue independently?

Every combination of settings I have entered into the Scale and Custom scale options in the Common properties panel impact all instances of the hold in the score equally - main and cue.

My work around using a “white” text insert to simply cover/hide the cue hold will have to do. Unfortunately, I need to set it up one staff at a time - and also one part at a time. Also - as Daniel indicated, dragging the cue holds off the page would also work - but again - one staff/part at a time.

The large non-cue fermata should be present below the staff and flipped upside down. Is this possible?

Just select and hit F.
edit: this only works in Engrave mode.