hiding individual staves

A big thank you for the new possibility to hide individual staves from multistave instruments like piano.

A couple of observations, though:

-The implementation of this being a layout option exclusively (and not something to be done on a per-case basis in writing the music) feels a little like a “proof of concept”, like if it’s not completely done yet.
-A simple “off-switch” for an empty stave throughout the flow is not always practical. Sometimes you’ll need to show and hide staves on the go. I realize though, that the Dorico way for me is not completely sunken in- otherwise I’d maybe just use different flows whenever I needed to switch between single- and doublestaff piano.
-When setting the option to “hide all empty staves” too early in the writing process (before entering any notes), suddenly you can’t input music into the empty instrument anymore in page view. For me, to whom working with the modern equivalent of a papyrus scroll feels alien (my desk is one with sheets of paper), this is really cumbersome, as I much prefer not having to use galley mode.

We are certainly still missing a feature to change the number of staves used by an instrument at various points in the music, and we plan to add that as soon as it is practical for us to do so.