Hiding instrument number

In a songbook for children, the first song is for two groups of singers, and I have them called ‘Voices’, and they automatically appear - as I intended - as ‘Voices 1’ and ‘Voices 2’ to the left of the stave.

I only need one group of singers for the other songs, so in (for example) Flow 2 I have unticked ‘Voices 2’ in Setup. The remaining stave is now labelled ‘Voices 1’, whereas I would like to have just ‘Voices’.

Is there a way of hiding the number in the flows which have a single group of singers? Sorry for the senior moment.

If you want them to be called Voices 1 in one flow and voices in the other, I don’t think it’s possible.
You could create a third voices player, add him to his own group and use this player for the flows with only one voice staff.

Alternatively use a single section player that holds a single “voice” instrument, then use divisi in the first flow to break out into multiple staves, and not in the second flow.


This would cause the staff label „voices“ to be centered between the two staffs though, correct?

Not if you hide the group name and build “Voice” into the staff labels.

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That’s such a great idea, and works perfectly! Thanks so much. And this:
Screenshot 11-03-2021 12.12.16
is in fact the exact look I was looking for.

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If you don’t want to display the 1 and 2 immediately above each stave (given it’s already at the left of each stave), untick this layout option:

Ah, yes, I hadn’t immediately spotted that. Thanks.

I have never seen the 1 and 2 above the staff in any existing orchestral part. I think they’re pretty superfluous.
I recently played from a part I made myself in Dorico in which these numbers were visible because I forgot to switch them off (or change them to ‘div.’), and I got confused while playing because the 1 looked like a (very wrong) fingering for the nearest note.