Hiding instrument transpositions?

I have some Clarinets in B-flat and some Horns in F in my score. Is is possible for the part name to not include the transposition indications?

Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Staff labels. There’s an option there to show or hide transpositions.

Thanks! Unfortunately the token “LayoutName” still shows "Clarinette (B-flat) 1, and “Cor (F) 1”. Is there no way for the Layout name Token to display as I wish?

The LayoutName token reproduces whatever is shown in the right panel of Setup mode.
You have at least two options:

  1. Replace the layout names by double-clicking them (in the right panel of Setup mode) and typing whatever you like.
  2. Open up the Default Part First Master Page from the right panel of Engrave mode. Double-click on the frame in the top left corner and replace {@LayoutName@} with {@StaffLabelsFull@}. This token matches the full staff labels shown to the left of each stave (as on the first page of a typical score layout).

Great info @Pianoleo. Many thanks!!!