Hiding items from main score BUT will appear in parts?


A quick question.

Is it possible to HIDE items, from the main score, but I wish for them to still appear in the players parts ONLY?

I have a detailed piano part but a lot of the items and instructions I have provided for the pianist is not appropriate for the full score and.

Do we have an option for this?

Thanks anyone!


Since Properties are layout-specific right now, setting said text’s Opacity to transparent will affect the full score only.

You can also simply drag the unwanted text (nearly) off the page, or use the custom scale property …

Is this still the main way to hide text items from the main score but have them still appear in the Parts? I ask since after I select my Score and choose “Propagate Properties”, this opacity setting ALSO carries over the parts, forcing me to manually UN-set it in each individual part and of course spoiling the whole reason for doing it this way in the first place (to save time).

Thanks for any help!

  • D.D.

For this, I typically create duplicate parts after I’ve finished editing the part. One is for the part layout (and is hidden from the score), and one is for the score layout (with no corresponding part layout). I know it’s a workaround, but it’s not really a problem to set up. As long as I’m careful to keep track of changes.

I create a layout called “All” that shows everything, but isn’t meant to be printed. Easy to copy and paste between duplicate parts.

Hi Dan!
I guess they haven’t addressed this yet but in the meantime I’m trying to make sure I understand what you’re suggesting. I mainly want to avoid having to do the equivalent of (in each, separate part) manually choosing the text I wish to appear (but NOT appear in the Score) and making it visible again (since this feels needlessly time-consuming)…Does your approach avoid this extra time? (sorry I’m not understanding what you’re proposing)…

By the way, I just watched your Dorico for Finale users video and forwarded it to some colleagues - excellent video (even for someone like myself coming from Sibelius) as a reminder of what makes Dorico already so superior!
Best -

  • D.D.


For the duplicate parts, one has the text elements, and the other does not.

Typically I finish the part, put in all the text items, copy it to the “Staff for full score use only,” and then in that duplicate part, I delete the text items I don’t want to appear in the score. It works well for me, and it doesn’t seem like any extra work. If there were such a feature, I’d have to enable on an item-by-item basis anyways.

Glad the video was helpful!


I guess what I was presuming would be easily possible is to select any text in the Score and be able to do the equivalent Sibelius function of right-clicking and choosing “Show in Score in Only”, “Show in Parts Only”, or “Show in Score and Parts” for that selected text. There are plenty of situations where I want every horn part (for example) to do something I’m indicating via text, but I only need to see this once in the score above the top-most horn (but still need that text indication in every individual horn part). I could make it System Text but then it would appear on EVERY staff (not just the horn parts where I want it). So it seems like that Sibelius approach is an easy way to solve the problem, and it would be nice if Dorico could have something equivalent (especially since the Dorico folks probably came up with the Sibelius solution originally also, and I’m sure could therefore do even one better, years later!)

  • D.D.

Well, I do agree. I’ve seen a discussion of a possible future Dorico feature like Finale’s “Staff lists,” by which you assign certain expressions or text to custom staff lists. Currently I believe you can only do that for rehearsal marks.

Perhaps you could fake these expressions as rehearsal marks, but that seems suspect to me.

Somehow, I just discovered a way to add a text note to a part layout (and it won’t be visible in the score!)
I do not wish to split the multi-rest, when adding a small instruction and this is less bothersome than creating a secondary set of files for just parts.
Simple enough solution is to add a small text frame to a part while in Engrave mode.

Sure, but it’s jolly dangerous should the content of the project ever change, as the text frame is locked to the specific position on that specific page; not a bar or beat.

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