Hiding lines in specific layouts

I am looking for a way to make a Line appear only on the part layouts and not in the full score layout.

Is this possible? Couldn’t find a way to either create a line only in the current layout or hide a line from a layout.


The usual workaround of scaling to 1% and colouring white seems to work - ensure the “Set local properties” toggle is set to “Locally” before you do this.

Thanks, that’s a good workaround. Hopefully lines will get a Hide property in the future.

Definitely something that’s needed. Custom lines tend to have some characteristics similar to technique items. Technique markings already have the option of hiding in specific layouts.
By the way, that’s another workaround: create a new technique with no symbol, set its continuation property as a line and voila, there you have your line with the option to hide it in specific layout.