HIding Lyrics Lines on Score Layout?

I wonder if there is a way to hide the lyrics lines from a score layout? I need to see only the notes. Thanks!

You can select lyrics and set their Custom Size to 1 in Properties if you do not need to see them in any layout; but I suspect, if that were the case, you could just delete them outright. I do not know whether setting the size can be done Locally rather than Globally.

EDIT: Just checked: you can set the score property to local before reducing the Lyrics to Custom Size 1.

Thanks Derrek. Right. I want to see the lyrics on each vocal part, but to completely hide on the score layout… mmmm

I just edited my former post: you can set the Properties to Local before reducing the Score lyrics to Custom Size 1.

Thanks! Yes, it worked.
At least to help decluttering the score. Anyway, the lines of the minilyrics remain visible, but this is much better, and a clever workaround.
I looked for a way to set the score layout to hide only the lyrics on the score layout, the same way as you do for hiding/showing chord symbols/diagrams on particular instruments.
Apparently this function is not yet implemented.

Another option is to use two players for each voice, one with lyrics and one without. Then assign the former to your part layouts and the latter to your score.


Thanks! Yes, that’s what produces my score as I needed. Never thought of that!

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