Hiding metronome mark - after editing appears again

Hi, I didn’t find an answer.
Although it’s a minor bug, it’s annoying. If I enter a text tempo with a metronome tempo and then hide the metronome tempo in the properties panel, it reappears when I edit the text tempo.
As an example: I write Allegro q=140. I hide q=140 in the properties panel. Now I write Allegro molto, but q=140 remains unchanged. After changing from Allegro to Allegro molto, q=140 appears again.
Maybe I’m missing something.
Regards, Michael (Dorico 4.3.11)

My understanding of this is that it is not a bug. If you edit your metronome tempo, it might be reasonable for Dorico to assume that you want the metronome mark to reappear.

But I agree with you, in my experience I almost always want the metronome mark to stay hidden, if I have already hidden it.

Re-opening and re-confirming an item using the popover essentially re-inputs that item as if it were new.

To retain any existing properties set on your original tempo mark, you can use the Properties panel at the bottom to edit the text shown (e.g. to add “molto” at the end) without using the popover, and therefore not re-inputting the tempo mark as if from scratch.


would work for existing text modules. But if I want to write “ma non troppo” I have no way to do this without an additional step (hide metronome mark again). I know this is only a small issue, but when I switch off metronome mark it should stay invisible until I switch it on again.

You can delete and completely replace the text of an existing tempo mark using its Text property though…?

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