Hiding metronome marking in parts only

According to the Dorico Help doc it is possible to “show tempo marks in the full score layout but want to hide them in part layouts.”
I can’t get this to work though as changing the properties to hide the metronome marking (but keep the tempo marking) automatically propagates in all layouts. Is there an option somewhere that I’m missing?
Cheers :smiley:

I’m afraid I think the documentation must be mistaken on this point – I will check this with Lillie this coming week. Properties for which components of tempo items to display are indeed global and apply to all layouts.

Whoops! I must have been mistaken on this one, although I do distinctly remember checking… either way, I’ll correct it asasp (one thing to strike off your list Daniel!)

Thanks for checking on that; glad it wasn’t just me! Any chance of having the metronome marking be an independent element at some point in the future?

We’ll certainly think about how it might be achieved. At the moment these aspects of the appearance are intrinsic to the item itself, which means they cannot vary by layout, but no doubt with sufficient time and attention paid we would be able to change this.

You can Move it off the page in Engrave mode, or change the Custom Colour to an Opacity of 0%. These are layout specific alterations (unless you Propagate the Properties!)

That’s a great workaround, Thanks! :smiley:

It seems easiest to hide the MM marking throughout and then to add it with text in the score. At least then one would only have to worry about hiding it in one part.

For my purposes I would want the MM markings in the parts to be sure any instrumentalists who wanted to practice at home would not be surprised when they reached rehearsals. Then again, if one has expert sight-readers, I suppose it does not make much difference.

Well I’m required to sightread constantly for singers and instrumentalists. I often get the music ahead so I can look it over and I certainly appreciate a ballpark tempo indication rather than a big surprise later when we get together.