Hiding mixer channels & MCU PRO


If I hide channels in the Mixer/Visibility panel, they are still displayed on my MCU PRO

There seems to be no further MCU support of new functions:

  • Fader only can increase up to 10dB

  • Controlling mixer views (extended area) now only works, after clicking into mixer window. With mouse. So no need to go back to the MCU after this… This worked in N5.

They still deliver their “remote_control_devices”-manual with N6, but don’t say anything about new functions. Instead of this, there are functions described which now has gone:
In your application, you can create so called channel view presets in your Mixer window, by selecting the channels to be displayed and clicking

I’m very disappointed to hear this. The MCU has been a good companion to me for many years now. Part of me hopes that it’s a temporary oversight but It sadly makes sense that Steinberg-owned-by-Yamaha would start shepherding their users towards their own hardware; what better way to do that than by slowly removing features that support older 3rd-party hardware. Over time, Steinberg-Yamaha could potentially lose its hardware-agnostic nature. Yamaha is above all else a hardware company.

Personally I’m going to wait and see what develops. N5.5 is working perfectly for me these days and I’m in no rush to alter my workflow. I have C7 to play around with and look at new features. Maybe new hardware will be the way to go and will in fact improve workflow. But I’m more interested in moving forward than moving sideways.

I can’t believe that Steinberg would discontinue this feature…surely it must be an oversight.
[We’re talking about the MCU displaying the mixer channels as set up in Nuendo 6…this worked correctly up to V6]

I can’t see people who lose the ability to sync the display in their €800 MCU rushing out to spend €50k on a Nuage setup :wink:

Could we have an official comment on this…is the feature still supported [but not implemented in error], or are there ulterior motives, as suggested previously?

I posted this complaint on another thread but it is enough to stop me from going to N6 so I thought it was worth posting again.

It is a big problem that Mackie Control is not following what the mixer has selected. I use the hide feature with mixer 1 to only show essential groups (mixer 2 has everything). With 24 Mackie Control channels I can get near instant access to everything in a 300-plus track project with the select, solo and mute buttons in hardware. Even with the cool new show/hide in N6, it is just not as fast.


The relationship between Steinberg and Mackie has been frosty for a long time. They both just point fingers at the other. I would not look to Steinberg who have their own control surfaces they’d like to sell - not Nuage - but the low-end Cubase stuff. It’s a shame. I’ve been very happy with my MCU Pro for a while now.

My guess is that SB is already focused on developing for touch screens and couldn’t care less about control surfaces any more. It’ll be a little bumpy for the transition but in a couple of years we’ll all have displays under our fingers instead. At least they probably won’t do the old mackie fader snap back. :confused:

It worked fine in N5.5 so I see no reason to look at the relationship between Steinberg and Mackie. Steinberg is the one who changed it. Steinberg needs to be the one to fix it. Mackie is not involved here. No excuses. Upgrades need not have downgrades included where we need to make tough choices about which features we would rather have.

Steinberg please fix this. It is the one thing keeping me away.


this will be fixed in Nuendo 6.0.3 which is soon to be released.


Thanks for the info Helge - good news.

Wow that is good news. I found that after playing with it for a day I liked what Nuendo 6 has done with the mixer so It looks like I’ll be in soon.

I may have been slightly over dramatic in my previous observations. :blush: I’m glad to year the MCU is still going to be properly supported,

Chuck it to being screwed over too many times…

Hi,this will be fixed in Nuendo 6.0.3 which is soon to be released.Cheers,Helge

Will those other issues with the MCU also be fixed?
I need my controller working like before!!

  • Jog Wheel at the moment no longer skips frame-wise!

  • Mixer shortcuts do not work any more, you have to mouseclick mixer before!


  • Faders to only support up to 10dB…?

I’m having bigger MCU issues being a Mackie DXB owner. Something is extra wrong, my transport LED, faders, DXB clock display are all grossly lagging.
i.e. press play, Nuendo responds, depending on how long you play, the LED feedback can take from seconds to minutes to change from STOP to PLAY or visa versa. The clock display on the DXB ((MCU), plays catchup after a stop still counting whilst the project has long stopped. The whole MCU environment appears to be buggy.

Also am I missing something, but the channels now follow the project window and not Mixer 1.


The other issues mentioned are important to me too, but the faders’ top limit doesn’t bother me. In the past, I’ve never needed more than a few dB above 0 and if I did, I used the trimmer to raise the source. And lately, I’ve been mixing with my channels closer to -20 dB FS anyway; headroom is key.

Hiding mixer channels is fixed in 6.03. Thanks Steinberg!

And another “Thank you Steinberg” !