Hiding multibar rests and staves at end

I try to find a way to hide the multibar rest at the end of a voice in some parts.
At the end I would like to gest something like here

Parts should end with the arrow as well…
Is that doable in Dorico?

  • If you have a multi-staff instrument such as piano, you can hide one staff at any point
  • You can hide any staff (with entries) starting at a system break, using Manual Staff Visibility
  • But we can’t hide the only staff of an instrument mid-system. Dorico does not do cut-out scores at present.
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You can do this with single players. Just right click > staff > add staff above/below.

At the point you want to remove the staff, do the same but removing a staff.

Thanks, actually it isn’t a single instrument. it’s sax, trombone and bass. The sax part ends first then the trombone part and the bass part goes on with slash notation. while the others start improvising.
So I think what I try to do doesn’t seem to work in Dorico?!

No, not yet.

Any way to hide the multibar rest at the end of a part? That would be a possible workaround.