Hiding notation for playback purposes

I am trying to write a gliss of a 9th, but my sample (a VSL gliss sample) only works with an octave or smaller. I would like the notation to show the 9th gliss, but actually have an intermediary note in the playback that doesn’t show up in the notation. When I was in Finale I would do this with a hidden layer. I’m wondering if there is some similar technique in Dorico for this and other situations where you want the playback data to be significantly different than what’s being notated?

It’s slightly more difficult, though not impossible, to hide notes. Here are some things you could try: https://youtu.be/RJFSzoC4COo

You could then place the written notes in a different voice, and suppress their playback.

Alternately, you may wish to create a duplicate instrument for playback purposes and hide or show it in different layouts as desired.

One way that I also like to use is to create an extra staff above for playback. Afterwards you simply suppress playback in the real staff and remove the extra staff (those notes will still play back even when they are not visible anymore)