Hiding notes and stems for clarity: two problems

Flamenco is often very rhythmic; the notes in this bar (and the next) repeat endlessly while the rhythm changes. I want to hide all the noteheads except the first while retaining the rhythmic information. In write mode I select the notes and tablature numbers in the second triplet 16th, deselect the playing techniques, then select more to get this:

Why do I not get all the tablature numbers selected with orange, instead only blue? Next I deselect the 1st triplet 16th and shift to engrave mode and all the blues become unselected. That is the selection problem. How do I avoid it?

Then I hide noteheads, ledger lines and stems with the following result

The first beat of the music staff is what I want. In the rest the beams are also deleted and the result is useless. This is the beam deletion problem. There does not even seem to be a “delete beams” option so how did this happen? I will bet this does not happen in the tablature because of the stemlets, but the selection problem stops me from finding out.

Beams won’t appear if you hide the stems, I’m afraid.

Select More prioritises the notes in the staff notation rather than the tablature, so I suggest you use marquee selection to select the notes in tablature.

The problem with Marquee selection is that then I have selected everything - all the triplet markings, fingerings, playing techniques etc, and I have to deselect each of these by hand to get only notes so that I can hide them. I have not found a general way to de-select items…

Explore the right-click>Filter>… capabilities. You can set key commands for those that use frequently.

Thanks, this was exactly what I neded.