Hiding numbers appearing over top of empty bars

I have a bunch of 1s appearing over empty bars but only in my parts view. They are very big 1s, I think they are counting how many empty bars in a row but it’s counting single empty bars even if it’s only a single bar.

What is Bar count for single bar rests set to in Engraving Options?

If this isn’t the issue, please attach your project.

Thanks! I wasn’t sure what these were called.

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To save opening up another thread, why is the default set to showing ‘1’ above a single empty bar? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in a published score, and it’s the single most frustrating thing I’ve come across in using Elements that I can’t change. :slight_smile:

I don’t use it but I’ve seen it heaps.

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Published scores don’t tend to require multibar rests at all; published parts do. Labelling one bar rests in parts as a question of style; some publishers do it and others don’t.

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I am a member of a community orchestra which plays many of the standard overtures, concertos, symphonies, etc. from the Classical and Romantic periods. The “1” above single bar rests is very common in the players’ parts of orchestral music from that time.

Thanks, guess I’ve not been exposed to orchestral parts so much, mainly full scores and solo piano. Sounds like the equivalent of ‘This page has been intentionally left blank’ in printed exam papers, to prevent confusion on whether something has been missed out or not!

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Yes, it’s very common in orchestral and ensemble parts, and TBH, I quite like this convention. It’s very clear for the player, especially when sightreading. A tiny whole rest sometimes just isn’t conspicuous enough.