Hiding one instance of a particular item

is there a more elegant way to hide a staff item than by dragging it off the page in engrave mode?

I have a situation in an orchestral score where condensation has brought it down to a flute staff, a viola solo staff, and the string section (five staves).

unfortunately, right at that moment, there is a tempo change marking.

normally, one would simply hide the one above the string staves and leave the top one above the flute staff.

Is there an option somewhere in Dorico to have it consider how many staves are between marked staves, so you can tell it “do not show this particular staff’s tempo marking if there are fewer than X staves between this staff and the next higher staff with a tempo marking”?

This isn’t the type of thing that comes up often in engraving, however, it IS a real situation one can find oneself in.

No, at the moment there’s no specific way to hide a single instance of a tempo item (or indeed other system-attached items), though I agree it’s definitely something that Dorico should accommodate. For the time being, dragging it off the page will certainly work, but it’s not the kind of elegant solution to which we aspire!

Thanks Daniel.
I guess I will make do with the inelegant cheat while waiting for a more formal solution. :slight_smile: